Famo.us Finally Rolls Into (Very) Private Beta, Hires A Founder Of Facebook’s Dev Platform As VP Of Engineering


Back at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2012, Famo.us announced a Javascript framework for building super complex yet still super-smooth HTML5 apps. They promised to let developers build rich, 3D, Iron-Man-esque interfaces running in the browser at 40 frames per second, no plug-ins required.

Almost exactly a year later, Famo.us is finally ready to let in a few of the 57,000 developers that signed up for beta access. Emphasis on “few”.

In the coming weeks, the company says they’ll be selecting around 40 developers (less than a tenth of one percent of their overall signups) from their beta pool to take up residence in their San Francisco office, helping Famo.us to stress test their framework before its wider release. Those 40 developers will get full, unobfuscated access to Famo.us’ source code, technical support from the folks who built the framework itself, and a bit of office space to boot.

As we’ve covered…

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